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It doesn't fail, the pokemon theme song came on on my music list and I was all normal singing and whatnot, then the song came on... and I jumped up and starting singing full force and getting into the song xD dammit pokemon
Nooooooooooooooooo it's the end of the world xD there's sooo many libraries going on here I can't handle it lmao

embedded_item1487966622540 by danisaur2015
Who doesn't like music??? Random fact about Danisaur!!!
1) Heavy- Linkin Part ft. Kiara
2)Hymn For the Weekend-Coldplay
3)My Immortal-Evaneasance
4)7 Years- Lukas Graham
5) Love Me Like You Do- Ellie Goulding

As of right now these are the top five songs I love and adore! Though I love all music, and just because you deserve it here's another thing about me... I LOVE TO SING!!!
Does anyone know how to make some legit angel wings??? I've been dying to either make some or make some xD
The third part of my story is out and complete, I made some major adjustments to the first and second part but I hope you guys will enjoy the new versions and hope you enjoyed the original :D love you guys stay awesome!!!
    "Lenaia, will you just stop pretending something didn't happen out there and tell me what happened. You've been much quieter than you normally are and you have been like this for weeks." I've been asked this so many times that I lost count, and me not giving anyone an answer makes them ask me more. I want to tell them, but it could put someone in danger or worse, I could be stuck here forever never permitted to leave without someone by my side. It's certainly reached to the point where I needed answers and I needed them quickly. Obsessing over her was getting me nowhere except the ego of a basket case, and even though I'm crazy I'm not basket case crazy. I decided to wait until everyone was asleep, and I will leave quietly and be back before morning. No one will even notice I left, but either way I needed to find her again and figure out what life had in store for me. The sun had gone down and taken a nap while the moon took over and watched over us for the night. Everyone had fallen asleep quickly, except Dad, he was laying down at the entrance of the den staring off in the distance, he seemed like he was deep in thought. I knew if he looked like that he wasn't planning on sleeping any time soon, so I got up and walked over to lay next to him. "Dad, what are you looking at?" I was usually always the first one of us asleep, so I never noticed that he did this. I was curious so I asked him what he was doing. If it was a part of hunting, I'm surprised he never taught me this. "Lenaia, as a wolf it is our duty to watch over our loved ones and protect them. As an Alpha, it is our mission to always be on the lookout for danger whether or not there is any. We are the strong, fearless and the brave wolves and every night I sit here and keep watch to make sure no one has the chance to hurt any of my babies." 
    He turned to me and nuzzled me and continued to keep watch, and although I was enjoying this late night moment with him, I needed to get outside. "Do you ever think I'll be an Alpha?" When I asked this, his eyes got big for a second as if he was shocked I could even ask a question like that. His eyes got calmer and he got up to face me, "You already know you're a runt, but when has that ever stopped you from being the best? Despite everything everyone tells you Lenaia, you are a fighter and I think with enough wolf you have inside you, you will blow everyone away when they see just how much of a wolf you are. Your siblings are fast and strong, but you have something special inside of you. You are special because even though life told you you're a failure, you stand strong and push to be great." I was shocked by the words he told me, and the tears had began to fall down my face. My father always believed in me, especially when no one else would he always encouraged me to be great. I owe him my life, without him I wouldn't be the wolf I am today. "Dad, can I tell you something?" I was nervous to tell him, but he would be the only one that would understand. "Of course, you know you can tell me anything." I wanted to believe that but there was a lot of things telling me to keep my mouth shut. "I was hunting today and couldn't find anything then I got attacked by a tree and woke up in a place and it had a creature of a different species but I trusted her for some reason. Everything was confusing and I didn't know what to do so I did whatever I could to escape and come back home." The words just came out in a panic as I said it all in one breath. I was focusing on what my Dad's reaction was going to be, but his face didn't seem to change.
    "So, you met a human. There are very few around here, but usually around this time they like to make a home in a shelter called a cottage. They hunt us for sport and for our fur, the ones that come out here are usually here to get away from their own lives. I don't blame them, it's always been quiet out here." I was surprised by this, I wonder how we knew what they were called. I was upset at the fact I didn't have this kind of knowledge because this information would have been pretty damn useful when I was in that cottage with her. "Why have you never told me about these creatures?" I sounded upset, but I was a little angry at him for never even mentioning these humans before. "Lenaia, watch your attitude with me. I never told you about the humans because I didn't think you would ever need to know what a human is. They aren't a species you want to get tangled up with, trust me on this one. My advice to you on the human you met, let it go and move on." I didn't want to, but he's never been wrong before. He's always looked out for my best interests and maybe this was another interest he was looking out for. Since I'm a child I was going to find out for myself, it was the only way I was to be sure if he was right or not. "I know you're going to do what you think is right and either way I love your for it." He got up and nuzzled me and walked over to lay down to rest. I had a feeling he did this to give me permission to chase my dreams, but I never assume when it comes to him. I looked back at him and then looked up at the moon to close my eyes. I looked straight ahead and took one final deep breath, and took off into the night on the journey I had been begging for. 
-Danielle Carver


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